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12/07-25/07Le Mas d'Azil
Régis Soavi
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Daniel Champeimont/Jean-M
18/07-09/08Arenys den Munt
Stéphane Benedetti
19/07-25/07Bad Blankenburg
Reiner Brauhardt
19/07-25/07Herzogen Horn
Pascal Olivier aus Paris
25/07-27/07Frankfurt am Main
Nebi Vural
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Aikido Journal
30 juin 2020

… on the road again …

Nous revenons bientôt, au plus tard le 6 juillet '20.

Vos commandes seront expédiées les 7 juillet

L'équipe de l'AJ

24 juin 2020

Le cours d'été sur l'île de Rügen - du 18/07 au 24/07 - aura lieu.


9 juin 2020
Aikido Journal
31 mars 2020

Edition n°74FR

L'AJ n° 74FR avec cette couverture devrait vous parvenir prochainement, le 9 juin - lorsque toutes les frontières nationales ne feront plus obstacles à la libre circulation des personnes et des biens.

24 mai 2020


ar Aikido friends,

 The decision was not easy and took me several sleepless nights: I am sorry to announce the cancellation of this year’s Aikido seminar in Bernau.

After talking to the mayor of Bernau and the county administration the current legislation of the Bavarian government forbids clearly any event of this kind until end of September.

Besides the risk is simply too high.

Please do not forget to cancel the reservations you made for accommodation. I will keep you informed about the date for next year as soon as possible.

The mayor of Bernau and the Shusoku team says hello to all Aikidokas and hope to personally welcome all of you in Bernau next year. 

Jochen Maier


11 mai 2020
Madame Rumiko Tamura.

Madame Rumiko Tamura.

10 avril 2020

L'équipe de l'Aikidojournal

vous souhaite de Joyeuses Pâques ¡

10 avril 2020

Hombu Dojo Children’s Classes: Notification of Cancellation

Feb. 28 2020

Thank you for your continued support of Hombu Dojo and the children’s class.
Because of the Japanese’s government’s announcement asking elementary, middle, and high schools to close in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19 (new corona virus), we have decided to temporarily cancel the children’s classes at Hombu Dojo.

Cancellation Period: March 1 (Sun) - March 14 (Sat)

For all classes occurring from March 15th, we will decide based on the situation at a later time. Please check the Aikikai homepage for updates. (http://www.aikikai.or.jp)


Aikido Journal
1 mars 2020
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